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Explore it all. Technology is No limit!

Welcome to Nai Communications. We are a vibrant communications firm in the region and are looking at expanding beyond our regional borders. Find time to visit us and interract with us online or at our offices. We work daily to provide innovative & evolutionary solutions to our clients. We welcome all prospective partners and clients to contact us & schedule a meeting. We believe in the sharing of ideas and interaction in the fields so as to fine-tune service provision and solution creation.

Nai Communications is an affiliate of the Nai Tech group, also known as the Nai MultiTechnology Innovations. Explore our innovative services and lets serve you!!!


Public Relations


Corporate Communications


Web & Social Media

Explore it all.
Technology is NO limit!

We understand what it means to integrate systems and teams to effectively create and pass a message to the intended audience. This is what we call Communication


Explore it all. Technology is No limit!

Innovative communication designed with the African Tech Infrastructure in Mind.

Digital strategic Communications designed with the latest global Tech in view.

All rounded Communications consultancy at the best rates in the market.

The most Dynamic communications strategy of global standards locally.

Customised communication solutions fitted to your organization's corporate strategy.


Explore it all. Technology is No limit!



  • Communications Consultancy
  • Corporate repositioning
  • Crisis handling
  • Live Support


  • Project Communications
  • Corporate Speeches
  • Product repackaging
  • Live Support
Web & Social Media


  • Web Development
  • Corporate E-mails
  • Soial Media Management
  • Live Support

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Explore it all. Technology is No limit!

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Explore it all. Technology is No limit!

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